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I coach individuals through the challenges of Lyme disease and chronic illness

Healing is a journey not a destination. It's a marathon not a sprint, and deep healing involves the body, mind, and spirit.

Christa is a certified health & life coach, #1 best-selling author, speaker, and an award winning actress turned advocate. 

Christa works remotely with people from all over the world, and specializes in helping those with Lyme disease get their lives back. She does a combination of health and life coaching with an emphasis on mindset and neuroplasticity, because when she was at her worst, and doctors couldn't help her, she healed herself.


I'm Christa, I coach those looking for healing and new beginnings.

Through a combination of medical treatments, detoxing, lifestyle changes, brain rewiring, and a ton of inner work, I've reached remission after years of dealing with chronic Lyme.


I no longer suffer from chronic symptoms, but I believe that as humans we are always healing, and I still do the work. This is why I became a coach, because I know this journey all too well and have learned that healing is not linear. My goal is to help others feel as good as I do, and to show them that better days are ahead! ​

No one will truly understand what I've been through unless they've been through it too. If you know someone with Lyme disease, please BELIEVE them, and if you have Lyme, please don't give up, you CAN HEAL! 

Ways to
work together

01. Ignite your life! Comprehensive Coaching

This is Ignite Coaching’s premiere program. Clients will establish core health elements, a healing mindset, and a new direction in life.

02. Foundational Health + Happiness

This is Ignite Coaching’s health foundations program. Clients will dive deeper into drainage, detox, and new lifestyle choices.

03. Master Your Mind & Nervous System

This is Ignite Coaching’s mindset & nervous system mastery program. Clients dive deeper into the mind-body connection.

What clients are saying

"Christa was a guiding light when things felt SO DARK. She is MORE knowledgable than any of my Lyme Literate doctors."

I started working with Christa after reading her book the year I was diagnosed with Lyme, mold, co-infections and POTS. Christa's sessions gave me something to look forward to and her empathy is truly unmatched. I don't have enough fingers to count the amount of times her tips and tricks helped calm things down after an MD or ND flared them. Christa's coaching is the ONLY "treatment" that I've never felt tired of, let down, or triggered by. I would 100% recommend Christa to anyone who is struggling to heal from Lyme. 




I can´t wait to hear your story and help you reach your full potential!
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