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Foundational Health + Happiness

You'll gain a stronger foundation of physical health, so you can better tolerate treatments moving forward. You'll gain tools to help with energy, detoxing, boosting the immune system, and getting into the parasympathetic state of rest and digest. Clients leave with individual health & mindset protocols that works or them.

Drainage + Detox Protocols

Mindset Shifts

Sleep and Energy Support

Healthy Eating Choices

Somatic Movement

Vagus Nerve Excercise

 and so much more!

What can you expect?


A three month program that includes six 60 minute sessions.


Chat access on our client portal to answer any questions you have between coaching sessions.


A holistic approach that addresses the foundations of health, which is a cornerstone when healing from chronic illness.


Unrivaled support from someone who has been on your journey and in your shoes. 


Weekly accountability and encouragement as establish new routines and healing protocols.

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"Christa can tell you everything you need to know about Lyme that a doctor won't tell you."

"We all wish that after one doctor, one treatment, one healing summer, etc. we would be healed! But healing requires so much more and having someone encouraging whose been through it is priceless. I highly recommend Christa as a coach and guide in this process!"


Book a Free 20 minute consultation

Not sure if coaching is for you? Want more clarity? Reach out, let's chat and I'll do everything I can to answer your questions.

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