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Christa's Story

Christa's transformative journey with Lyme disease began with a single tick bite at the young age of 9 in 1999. She developed headaches, insomnia, and severe joint pain as a teenager, but no one ever brought up Lyme disease or tested her for it. And 10 years later, after a trip to Guatemala, her health significantly declined. Sadly, it would take another 10.5 years to get diagnosed. During that time, Christa navigated a maze of 20 specialists and countless hospital visits, each visit yielding misdiagnoses and disbelief from doctors who claimed her symptoms were merely in her head.

Determined and resilient, she never ceased her search for answers. It took 2 full decades, but Christa finally received the correct diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease in 2020.

Christa's Healing Journey

Upon being diagnosed with Lyme, Christa embarked on a comprehensive healing journey, integrating both western and eastern modalities. She quickly discovered that Lyme often coexists with other challenges such as mold toxicity, parasites, heavy metals, and trauma that many of her doctors had overlooked. And after a diligent three-year treatment process, Christa achieved remission by holistically addressing her mind, body, and spirit. But she still does the work, and is constantly learning and educating herself about toxins, treatments and neuroplasticity. Christa is passionate about all aspects of healing in order to not only continuing healing herself (as it's a journey not a destination), but also to help her clients heal as well. 

Christa authored a #1 Best-Selling book titled "Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock," which has been a beacon of hope that has assisted thousands in their healing journey from Lyme disease.

Inspired by the success of her book and fueled by a passion for supporting the chronic illness community, Christa made a commitment to further her education. She successfully graduated as a Health Coach from Trinity School of Natural Health, earned a Life Coach certification from The Academy of Applied Psychology, and became an EFT Practitioner through The Priority Academy Ltd.

In 2022, Christa took her dedication to the next level by founding Ignite Coaching with Christa, a platform where she has been privileged to work with clients from around the world. Through her extensive training and personal experience, Christa brings a unique and compassionate perspective to her coaching practice, guiding individuals towards holistic well-being and empowering them on their journey to recovery from chronic illness.

A sneak peek into Chapter 1

Hey brave warrior! You’ve probably picked up this book because you either have Lyme disease, suspect you have Lyme, or know someone who does. Welcome! And thanks for reading. I hope my story will educate, inspire, and motivate you to keep going—no matter what battle you’re facing—and help you side-step the trials I faced along the way. And yes, there were many, starting with my diagnosis. I was misdiagnosed for more than a decade and, when I finally received the correct diagnosis, I found recovery to be the greatest challenge of all.

This book is therefore a compilation of “things I wish I knew” before I started treatment, “things I learned along the way,” and “things people don’t talk about” that are vital to know when it comes to healing from this pernicious disease. At the time of this writing, I am not yet in remission. I am still going through multiple treatments, but I am deep into my journey back to health. Everybody’s story is unique. I can only speak about my own, but each of us needs to be heard, believed, and treated with respect. And we are all worthy of having a happy and fulfilling life. I truly believe that remission is well within my reach, and that it can be for you, too. Please note that this book does not name the

doctors, clinics, or programs I’ve worked with, in order to keep their identities safe—but those details don’t matter because what worked and didn’t work for me, may or may not be the case for you. There is no “correct” way to heal from Lyme, and this book will show you just how

many treatment options exist. In the meantime, we must keep fighting the good fight because better days are ahead for us all!

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Lyme disease is an invisible illness. So, for many years, people waved away my concerns by telling me “you look great” because, on the outside, I did. And on certain days, I felt great too. But my health often changed drastically from day to day and, sometimes, hour to hour. Other people couldn’t understand why, and I didn't understand either. All I knew was that something was very wrong and that I would keep fighting until I got to the bottom of it. From my suffering, understanding, and in-progress

healing from chronic Lyme disease—a condition Western medicine doesn’t formally recognize and is said to be under study by the U.S. Health Department—it’s my hope that I can be a voice for the voiceless. I want to remind you that no matter what you’re going through, your life

matters: your symptoms are real, and your feelings are valid. You might feel broken, but you’re not—and you deserve a healthy and happy life. Let me walk with you during your dark days, as I open up about the despair I felt. Let me help you feel less alone, though I know just how lonely a chronic illness can actually be. And finally, let me laugh with you when Lyme gets weird because a life without laughter is no life at all. I certainly don’t have all the answers, and I don’t claim to be an expert— but I have a story, and it’s one worth telling. This is my story, and everything I’ve learned along the way.



I loved this book? Why? Because it was written in English and made me feel validated that everything I have gone through (and my family has gone through) is not unique to me. While my symptoms and how I handle them are unique, I am part of a bigger community that knows and understands what I'm going through. Not only does Christa do an amazing job of telling her story in everyday speak and at a level those unfamiliar with Lyme can understand, but she also has a lot of great practical ideas that aren't complicated and can make a real difference. My favorite is the "Self-care toolkit"! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has recently been diagnosed, thinks they could have Lyme, or wants their friends and family to understand what they are going through.


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