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Master your Mind and Nervous System

You'll gain a more regulated nervous system and a postivie mindset to help you better handle the highs and lows of healing. You'll gain tools to help you acccess your higher loving self, and become  and become the boss of your life rather than a victim. Clients leave feeling more connected to their minds and body with a new perspective on the power of Inner Healing.

Somatic Excercises

Vagus Nerve Excercises

Brain Rewiring Part 1 & 2

Breath Work


Mindset Techniques

Limiting Beliefs

Inner Child & Parts work

...and so much more!

What can you expect?


A two month program that includes four 60 minute sessions.


Chat access on our client portal to answer any questions you have between coaching sessions.


A holistic approach that addresses the role of the mind and the nervous system when healing chronic symptoms.  


Unrivaled support from someone who has been on your journey and who still does the inner work every day!


Weekly accountability and encouragement as learn to break negative thought patterns. 

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"Christa truly has that natural "it factor" and a natural gift to motivate and guide as a coach"

"She has had a tremendous role in empowering my growth and healing for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend leveraging her services for support on your journey!"


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Not sure if coaching is for you? Want more clarity? Reach out, let's chat and I'll do everything I can to answer your questions.

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