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Ignite Programs to support you in healing.

Ignite Coaching is designed to help you feel more empowered on your healing journey by igniting the power within you to reclaim your health & happiness.

Ignite Your Life: Comprehensive Coaching


This is Ignite Coaching’s premiere program. Clients establish core health elements, a healing mindset, and a new direction in life.

Foundational Health & Happiness Program


This is Ignite Coaching’s three month health foundations program. Clients will dive deeper into drainage, detox, and new lifestyle choices.

Master Your Mind & Nervous System


This is Ignite Coaching’s mindset & nervous system mastery program. Clients dive deeper into the mind-body connection.


Continuous Ignite Coaching

for past & continuing clients

What this entails:
Ongoing support, protocol tweaks, healing routines, symptom problem solving, and guidance that doctors can not always provide.


What you’ll gain:
My knowledge and expertise, new resources as they become available, and routines that work for YOU. Clients who continue on with coaching feel deeply supported from a dedicated member of their healing team!

Kind words from clients

"Working with Christa has changed the trajectory of my illness from constant pain and suffering to healing and joyful living!"


After years of chasing protocols, healing modalities, practitioners, and nearly giving up on life because my health was continuing to decline, I came across Christa's book, "Tick Tock it's Lyme O'Clock." After reading it, I felt hopeful for the first time in years. I felt called to work with her and I'm so glad I listened to that call! I am eternally grateful for her support and guidance on my healing journey!


Christa is genuine, compassionate, knowledgeable, empathetic, funny, and my biggest cheerleader! She is a godsend! She truly cares about the well-being of all of her clients. Because Christa believes in healing the whole self, not just the physical body, she has been able to help me spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically on my healing journey. Her nurturing skills have allowed me to find my inner strength to keep moving forward even in the darkest of times. She always makes me feel welcomed, seen, heard, validated, embraced, and celebrated on every call and in every message she responds to! What a gift! 


I highly recommend Christa as she is a master puzzle solver! She will help you find the missing pieces to your healing so you can feel whole again! 


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