Christa's screenplays and pilots are currently being pitched around Hollywood by her Literary Manager, Peter Giagni. Here are a few loglines: 

THE BABY SHOWER DATE: When hopelessly-single Kara gets tired of her "happily married and pregnant" friends asking about her love life, she hires a local hot barista to be her fake boyfriend at their baby showers. When feelings get involved and his identity is accidentally revealed, things quickly become complicated. Think The Wedding Date meets Bridesmaids."

AN IRISH BLESSING: Tina Neros is a Hollywood screenwriter whose latest script happens to be about her life. But when the producer tells her to change the ending, she must revisit her past and decide if she will rewrite her love story from when she studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Set in Ireland, this romantic comedy is like Hulu's "Normal People" meets "Little Women". 

PRE-TEEN: Angie Fotopoulos is your typical 12 year old Greek girl, with a big, loud, Greek family. She and her two best friends are about to start the 7th grade with the hopes of becoming popular... if only they could learn how to shave, do their makeup, and grow boobs. And Angie, who seems to be hairier than the other girls at school, just can't seem to do anything right. Think My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Pen15. 

21 AGAIN: Camie Jones is about to get a promotion at work when they find out her college transcript from 8 years ago doesn't exist. Unbeknownst to Camie, she never actually graduated from Tufts University. With no choice but to return to college and complete Psych 304, her friends convince her to redo her college experience and pretend to be 21 again. Think "Never Been Kissed" meets "Mean Girls" in college. 

SUPER SINGLE: Super Single is a musical comedy half hour series about the struggles of modern dating. Brit Ashburn is just too good at being alone, she's "super single". Breaking the fourth wall through thoughts and songs, we follow Brit's life as she navigates the world of modern dating... but she'd rather be at home daydreaming about her favorite TV show heartthrobs. Think Crazy Ex- Girlfriend meets Fleabag. 

DOG MOMS: People say they'll never treat a dog like a human, that is until they get one. In a world where dogs are angels and children are monsters, we follow four very different Dog Moms and their journeys into "parenthood" in this half hour comedy series. Think Working Moms meets Best in Show.