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Reaching Remission from Lyme disease

Lyme is an invisible illness, and I suffered for a decade with people telling me, "well, you look great!" but little did they know just how terrible I felt. There were days I couldn't walk, talk, eat, sleep, or breathe... but I SURVIVED! 

Through a combination of medical treatments, detoxing, lifestyle changes, brain rewiring, and a ton of inner work, I've reached remission. I no longer suffer from chronic symptoms, however, I believe as humans we are always healing. And this is why I became a coach, because I've been through hell and back and I know this journey all too well. My goal is to help others feel as good as I do! 

My book explains my journey, and my documentary below show's some of the physical treatments I endured. But no one will truly understand what I've been through unless they've been through it too. If you know someone with Lyme disease, please BELIEVE them, and if you have Lyme, please don't give up, you CAN HEAL! 

 My Short Documentary 

All it took was one bite from one tick to change my life forever... growing up I was a healthy, active kid, but after a trip to Guatemala in 2009, my health declined....rapidly. I saw over 20 specialists and was in and out of the hospital for 11 years with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. Doctors didn't believe me and told me it was all in my head, but I never stopped searching for an answer. So after a decade of being sick, I got correctly diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. 


I started off 2020 by spending 6 weeks at a medical facility where I did IV treatments, immunotherapy, and hyperthermia to kill Lyme and co-infections, followed up by a lot of home care treatments. This teaser is a glimpse into my Lyme disease journey, and how I stayed positive throughout some really hard times. This is my story. And after 3 years of doing different treatments, detoxing, and inner work healing, I am in remission! And I share this personal documentary as I hope it can be of some inspiration to others going through the same thing, and raise awareness about the invisible illness that is Lyme disease. Thank you for watching!  

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