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Reaching Remission from Lyme disease

Christa's transformative journey with Lyme disease began with a single tick bite at the young age of 9. Despite her vibrant and active childhood, a decline in health set in after a trip to Guatemala in 2009. Over the following 11 years, she navigated a maze of over 20 specialists and countless hospital visits, each visit yielding misdiagnoses and disbelief from doctors who claimed her symptoms were merely in her head.

Determined and resilient, Christa never ceased her search for answers. It took a full decade, but she finally received the correct diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease.

Upon being diagnosed with Lyme, Christa embarked on a comprehensive healing journey, integrating both western and eastern modalities. She quickly discovered that Lyme often coexists with other challenges such as mold toxicity, parasites, heavy metals, and trauma. After a diligent three-year treatment process, Christa achieved remission by holistically addressing her mind, body, and spirit.

Christa authored a #1 Best-Selling book titled "Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock," a beacon of hope that has assisted thousands in their healing journey from Lyme disease.

Inspired by the success of her book and fueled by a passion for supporting the chronic illness community, Christa made a commitment to further her education. She successfully graduated as a Health Coach from Trinity School of Natural Health, earned a Life Coach certification from The Academy of Applied Psychology, and became an EFT Practitioner through The Priority Academy Ltd.

In 2022, Christa took her dedication to the next level by founding Ignite Coaching with Christa, a global platform where she has been privileged to work with clients from around the world. Through her extensive training and personal experience, Christa brings a unique and compassionate perspective to her coaching practice, guiding individuals towards holistic well-being and empowering them on their journey to recovery from chronic illness.

 Christa's Short Documentary 

In the opening months of 2020, Christa embarked on a six-week journey at a medical facility, where she underwent IV treatments, immunotherapy, and hyperthermia to combat Lyme and its co-infections. This was followed by meticulous home care treatments.

This teaser video offers a glimpse into Christa's Lyme disease journey, highlighting her unwavering positivity during the most challenging moments. It's a personal story of resilience and hope.


Through the lens of this short documentary, Christa hopes to inspire others facing similar challenges and raise awareness about the often misunderstood and invisible illness that is Lyme disease. Thanks for watching!

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