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 Lyme Disease Tips & Tricks 

Castor oil pack, Queen of the thrones, ignite coaching with christa

Castor Oil

Castor oil packs have been a life saver on my healing journey! This gentle liver detox is a great way to open up drainage pathways, stimulate bile production, and cleanse the liver from toxins. Queen of the Thrones is the best company I've found that has the least amount of mess (castor oil stains everything) and is simple to use! These packs in particular were very beneficial when I was parasite cleansing. You can place them over your liver for support there, but also over your intestines or reproductive organs to help balance hormones. When I've used them, I aim for 3 nights on 4 nights off, and I use them for a few hours prior to bed. If you're constipated, you can sleep in them for extra support! 

How can they help you?


When you wear your Castor Oil Pack for Liver, it engages your body’s natural healing mechanisms and helps shift you from a stressed state to the ‘rest & digest’ state so you can promote:

  • Liver Detox - Local liver inflammation is reduced and blood flow is increased, supporting the detoxification process.

  • Lymphatic Drainage - The gentle compression of the pack over your liver area (highly concentrated with lymph and circulatory vessels) supports lymphatic drainage and cleansing.

  • Colon cleansing - Microbiome balance is improved, gut inflammation is reduced and movement of the gut is supported which enhances digestion, absorption and better elimination.

The Gupta Program, ignite coaching with christa, brain rewiring


Brain rewiring has been a key part of my healing journey and one of the biggest reasons I'm in remission today! When you're dealing with a chronic illness, more often than not, the brain gets stuck in negative looping patterns signaling to the body that we're not safe. Essentially, we can stuck in fight or flight 24/7 and need to break this cycle in order to heal. I followed The Gupta Program as I resonated with Ashok Gupta's technique the most. I now coach my clients in the fundamentals of brain rewiring, but always refer them to check out the free 28 day trial Gupta has! And to purchase the program if it resonates with you, too! In the free trial, you can watch videos and learn about the science behind brain rewiring and how it might help you! 

How can it help you?


The original and best neuroplasticity and holistic health program since 2001. They are dedicated to supporting patients on the path to health & happiness. 

  • Integrity - They are a transparent trusted source of knowledge, and offer a one-year money back guarentee.

  • Being of service - They continually ask, "how can we better help and support your recovery."

  • Empathetic - They listen to what you are experiencing and feeling, and suggest the right path for you. 

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