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Ignite Coaching with Christa
Reclaim your Health & Happiness today!
Christa offers remote 1-on-1 health & life coaching with Ignite Coaching. She's spent nearly 14 years dealing with chronic illness; 11 of which were spent being misdiagnosed and 3 years in treatments (western & eastern). She's done it all, went through hell and back, and has come out stronger. Christa graduated as a Health Coach from Trinity School of Natural Health and as a Life Coach from The Academy of Applied Psychology. With her experience, best selling book, and education, her knowledge and positive attitude will transform your life. Healing is hard, but you don't have to do it alone.
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Christa Nannos, Ignite Coaching with Christa, Meditation
What is Ignite Coaching?
Ignite Coaching is designed to help you feel more EMPOWERED on your healing journey. Christa will help guide you to reach your goals, feel more fulfilled in life, become the person you've always dreamed of, and feel confident in taking charge of your health. You CAN & WILLL heal, and you can choose to be happy right now. 
Christa specializes in:
- Navigating Lyme disease, Parasites, Mold & more
- Living with a Chronic Illness
- Mindset and Brain Rewiring
- Discovering Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
- Root Cause Healing

- Navigating Relationships: friends, family, romance
- Communicating with your medical team
- Acceptance, surrender, and moving forward
- Finding Strength in the Struggle & Purpose from the Pain
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Healing is a process that must address the mind, body, and spirit. Christa believes that by focusing on a few aspects of the wheel every week, you'll become more equipped to take actionionable steps moving forward, and will begin to see faster improvement in your health & happiness!
Client Wins


Initial Consultation: $150 

Follow Up Sessions: $125 

Package of 3 Sessions: $350 

Package of 6 Sessions: $675

Package of 12 Sessions: $1,225


I currently have a waitlist for new clients. I would love to work with you when my schedule opens up. Sign up below to join!

"Today is the best I've felt in months!"

"It really is amazing how when you change your mind you change how you feel."

"Sooo good news: I ran 3 miles which I haven't been able to do since 2016...and there were years I couldn't even walk a mile!"

"I feel so much mental clarity about having a plan I feel comfortable with and very confident in."

"Getting back on track with my morning routine has been a game changer!"

"I FEEL AMAZING! You don't understand how much you have helped me and my life. I'm forever grateful!

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